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#Financing the transition and asset management

International mass catering group

45 000 pieces of equipment diagnosed 12% Optimisation of annual IT budget


Review of purchasing and IT stock management strategy

Issues involved

Faced with a marked increase in employee mobility and management of an ageing stock of IT systems, this international mass catering group was seeking support to reduce the carbon impact of its equipment and to improve the management of its purchases.

Solution provided since 2010

To reinforce our client’s Green IT strategy and outsource the financial management of its IT and cashier systems stock in France, GreenFlex produced:

  • A Green IT strategy and action plan (responsible purchasing, equipment life cycle management)
  • A 360° diagnosis of the entire IT stock, i.e. 45,000 systems
  • A lease financing plan for equipment

Creation of value

  • Optimisation of annual IT budget by 12%
  • Streamlining of equipment renewals
  • Implementation of an asset management solution for better product life cycle management
  • Implementation of a plan to reduce the carbon footprint with a target of -20 %