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#Energy strategy and performance

GTM Bâtiment (Vinci Group)


Development of a construction site environmental management interface

Issues involved

GTM Bâtiment is one of the first companies in the sector to have obtained ISO 50001 certification. This subsidiary of Vinci Construction France sought to unite its stakeholders (colleagues, foremen, clients, etc.) around the environmental issues related to energy consumption on construction sites, by implementing a reporting tool.

Solution provided since 2015

  1. Adaptation of a web platform for data collection, analysis and reporting
  2. Improvement in the interface adapted to field (sites) data entry, to centralise the environmental data of each site (consumption of water, electricity, waste production, etc.) as well as social (monitoring of neighbourhood complaints) and societal data (impact on the ground)
  3. Consolidation of indicators
  4. Management of sites (reports and indicators available for each site, then as a consolidated version)
  5. Publication of reports for clients and prime contractors

Creation of value

  • Data accessibility
  • Production of action plans to optimise resource consumption and increase profitability
  • Team mobilisation tool and means of communication for clients throughout the life of the site