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#Financing the transition and asset management

Distributor of services for vehicles

130 sites


Technical and financial support in changing the lighting of all centres in France

Issues involved

  • Ensure optimal lighting quality for clients and employees of the group
  • Choose optimised sustainable solutions from an energy and maintenance perspective
  • Deploy, on national level, a standard solution in a short period of time
  • Note an immediate improvement in the Ebitda: sums saved should be higher than costs generated
  • Manage all equipment on a technical, financial and environmental level

Solution provided

  • Diagnosis of existing situation: energy use, maintenance, etc.
  • Assistance in selection of a suitable target solution: TCO2 lighting analysis
  • Test in real time of “reference” stores to pre-validate the solution
  • AMOA deployment: relations with suppliers, consistency verification, planning, pre-acceptance, etc.
  • OPEX financing of the solution and assistance in preparation of white certificates
  • Use of the Saas GreenFlexIQ platform: E-Procurement/asset management and financial/environmental reporting

Creation of value

  • Optimisation of costs for energy and maintenance on each site
  • Savings on the Ebitda: net savings of € 230k/year over 5 years
  • Reduction of carbon footprint by 10% (441T less CO2 emissions)
  • Satisfaction of clients and employees with performance of stores and workshops

A positive result

150000 € saved annually over 5 years Gains for the Ebitda
441 Tonnes less of CO2 Reduction of carbon footprint