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#Energy strategy and performance#Financing the transition and asset management

Company in the food industry specialising in the production of ready meals


Contract for the management of energy by industrial utilities

Issues involved

  • Consume better and reduce energy bills
  • Reduce carbon emissions and produce CO² quotas

Expertise involved

We are partners to industrialists striving to radically reduce their environmental footprint and boost their competitiveness

Controlling production costs represents a competitive edge for many industries. Optimising transformation operations represents a major source of savings but this requires a high level of expertise and has to be evaluated with regard to an industrialist’s quality and security issues: where do the losses from waste come from? How do you decide a compromise between the margin of comfort and the margin of safety? How can you improve facility saturation? Which best practices should be adopted for scheduling? How big should thermal and aeraulic utilities be? We advocate saving on energy by reducing needs at the source before considering a decarbonisation policy, which may be necessary but expensive.

LEVERS FOR DIFFERENTIATION: Optimise what you control

Guaranteeing intelligent use of available and recoverable heat, configuring equipment as close as possible to minimum requirement while taking into account the diversity of products or anticipating rather than incurring fluctuations in energy needs.

  1.  Identify levers, assess engineering solutions, finance and implement less energy-intensive equipment with your technical teams and trusted suppliers
  2. Understanding how to account for the constraints inherent in any industry requires the experience GreenFlex has acquired in its energy activities, not to mention our capacity for innovation: connected industry represents a terrific opportunity, boosted by instrumentalisation and metering
  3. Integrating data science into our solutions to make sense of the all data taken together from production, quality, energy, material waste, or human resources, etc.

Solution provided

  • Use of thermal energy in sterilisation water under an energy management contract with 5-year result commitment.
  • Support from a GreenFlex energy manager during the full duration of the contract to monitor and optimise performance of the solution implemented.

A positive result

5 GWh/year Reduction in gas consumption
20 Mw Power of combustion facilities brought under