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Manage the total cost of equipment and finance the transition

The Total Cost Module

The Total Cost module is a decision-making tool designed for industrialists, technical managers, sustainable development purchasers and managers. It enables the production of comparative studies of two situations and/or several technological solutions. These studies incorporate an analysis of all the usage costs inherent in equipment (maintenance, taxes, energy cost, end of life, etc.) in order to easily evaluate the environmental performance and simplify the choice of one solution as compared to another.

+ than 70%
of total cost

of energy-intensive equipment is linked to usage costs (energy, maintenance)

In addition to this monetary question, the module makes it possible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions



Choose long-term innovative and virtuous solutions


Know and control the total cost of your stock


Simulate the impact of equipment renewal


Accelerate equipment renewal

  • Identify alternatives and long-lasting solutions
  • Compare the various components of the total cost of ownership
  • Assess the environmental impact of solutions

Respect the company’s timeframe for growth and its business plan 

  • Adapt lifespans to the issues
  • Investment flexibility (renovations, rolling out new concepts, process modifications)

Identify and prioritise cost-saving levers

  • Clear view of the impact of planned actions on a given budget
  • Mapping out of priorities

Main features

Incorporation of different components of the models’ costs

  • Change in calculating total cost depending on type of equipment
  • Incorporation of all components by model

Personalised total cost model

  • Incorporation of influencing factors (type of activity, seasonality, weather, demand, etc.)
  • Adjustment of the total cost standard to the client’s issues
  • Possibility of adding additional influencing factors to the personalised client model

Simulation of scenarios of a global vision turning individual

  • Selection of all or part of the assets
  • Estimation of its total cost
  • Simulation of changes in the total cost depending on equipment model

Additional modules