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The Societal Monitoring Module

The Societal Monitoring module is a customised international monitoring tool for anticipating and identifying corporate challenges. It helps all departments (R&D, Marketing, Quality Assurance, etc.) to understand the key signals, sustainable development buzz (ingredients, controversial substances, social issues, etc.) and to develop a comprehensive solution thanks to an analysis of weak signals and a study on the risks and opportunities facing any company that markets consumer goods.


monitored and studied
sources of information



Respond to increasingly strong pressure from civil society and avoid any business crisis or reputation risk


Identify and quantify sustainable development weak signals concerning the business of the companies: ingredients, controversial substances, social issues, etc.


Understand and analyse how the civil society perceives these signals and comprehend the company’s position in regard to the competition


Take account of these weak signals to develop a comprehensive solution for the company: propose new offers, positioning, lobbying, etc.


Accessibility and scalability

  • Access to the tool is digital and secure. All information and social buzz is presented in graphs

Accelerated communication

  • A monthly news bulletin with detailed analyses, a presentation of results from quarterly meetings and access to personalised contents (information sheets, position notes, templates for prioritising issues, etc.) are available

Main features

Monitoring sources of information around the world

  • More than 500,000 sources of information monitored throughout the world (blogs, social networks, media, regulations, stakeholders’ websites, etc.)
  • Multi-format analysis of sources in all languages

Configuration of the search algorithm depending on company issues

  • Quantification and qualification of buzz: analysis of the geographic and time-based spread of controversies and assessment of their impact
  • Showcasing of collected information and reactions

Graphic presentation of collected information and recommendations

  • Graph presenting classification of information and sources by level of influence, country, timeframe, etc.
  • Contextualisation of information

Monitoring information sources around the world

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