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Save energy resources

The Energy Regulations Monitoring Module

The Energy Regulations Monitoring module follows trends that have an impact on energy equipment and installations. It provides companies with comprehensive and personalised information on the regulatory changes relating to their installations as well as an analysed, customised monitoring report on their equipment.



100 %

of all ICPE





Keep abreast of trends in regulations as well as in the safety and sustainability of energy-intensive equipment subject to regulations


Apply compliance and safety requirements concerning equipment for companies


Verify the responsibility and compliance of the company site by site and ensure its reputation amongst its consumers and on the market


Plan ahead for future regulatory constraints and develop a long-term product strategy


Be in compliance with ISO 50001


Module accessibility

  • Secured access to the module and to all texts in the defined scope
  • Streamlined search for any subject in the database, using keywords

Be familiar with regulations

  • Monthly monitoring statements
  • Email alerts on energy topics selected by the company
  • Specific analyses on the operational consequences of new regulations

Dynamic non-conformity management tool

  • Intuitive classification system
  • Automatic update

Main features

Comprehensive news feed specific to the identified “equipment and energy” issues

  • Quick access to a list of pertinent articles
  • Selection of preferred articles and option to export one or several articles

Consultation of regulatory texts and advanced search

  • Access to regulatory articles and texts by research criteria (materials, substances, themes, etc.)
  • Access to the summarized regulatory text, link to complete text and suggestions for content related to the text’s topics

Access to qualitative content written by GreenFlex industry experts on major regulatory news items

  • Editorial, key figures and news analysis
  • Mapping prioritising the themes studied according to their issues: security, compliance, duality, sustainability, etc.
  • Regulatory calendar

Comprehensive news feed specific to the identified “equipment and energy” issues

Additional modules