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We integrate global environmental and social value creation at the heart of our customers’ activities in order to help them change course towards a regenerative economy.
Changing course

Who are we?

GreenFlex: an overview

unique model

At GreenFlex we believe that businesses should fix both the planet and society through their activities. In order to tackle their environmental and societal challenges, we have invented a unique model. We bring together 4 separate services: consultancy, operational support, digital and financing.

areas of expertise
  • Consultancy
    We help our customers bringing regeneration at every level of their activities and business model.
  • Operational support
    We provide strategic and operational advice to our customers, from strategy to management of action plans.
  • Digital
    We provide tools for the majority of our solutions: we develop various digital platforms for predictive reporting based on algorithms.
  • Financing
    With our financing solutions, we help companies accelerate their environmental and societal transition by investing in new equipment that is more efficient, consumes less energy and has a better eco-design.